How to choose ?

A choice is not easy.

Happily, there are few tips which will help to make a good choice.

Thirst of all.  You have to like to drink wine :-).

1. Cork:

The plug should be tight to protect the liquid inside of the bottle and allowing at the same time for a required minimal access to oxygen, needed to proper aging.

The plug itself should be neutral and can not transmit any defective scents to the wine taste and aroma.

In past times the choice was very simple. Winemakers used a cork made of better or worse material (oak cork), depending on wine quality and the predicted time of aging in the bottle. For simple and cheap wines they used short corks, for more expensive wines there were used longer corks made of better quality material. Of course, natural corks are used by the majority of respectable winemakers.

You can find as well silicon corks, which are save in 100% for the wine quality but do not have the splendor of natural cork.

It is possible to find as well a bottle with a glass corks, what is rather a unique, but absolutely save for the wine. But, in this case, you will miss the charm of uncorking the bottle of wine. 😉

2. Label.
3. Country of origin.
4. Grape variety.
5. Appellation.
6. Vintage.
7. Alcohol content.

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