About us


There are two of us.

Arthur – very handsome and polite gentleman 😉 &  Chris – even more handsome, more polite and more gentleman. 😉

We would like to share with you our impressions of wines, experiences from travels to wine regions and meeting people for who wine is a passion, life, and work.

We hope that in some way you can find our blog attractive and interesting.

We are not wine experts.

We just treat every bottle of wine as an adventure, which makes our life a bit sweeter. 🙂

Chris & Arthur



From Chris,

I had no idea about wines. I did not care about wines. Any knowledge about wines seemed to be useless. Everything I knew about wine was that there are two kinds red and white, it was all.

I was a total ignorant. Until the moment, when sitting in a restaurant a waitress approached and asked what kind of wine I would like to drink. I replied that I do not care, and he can serve whatever he chose.  Arthur a  friend of mine, who witnessed this situation, got furious, he got red and quietly but firmly said to me that I was a totally ignorant, that every gentleman has to have some idea about wines. I felt ashamed but I realized that this time Artur was right….. as usually! He inspired me again.  These few minutes changed something, and the spark came on.



From Arthur,

I have an idea, but Chris develops ideas into something real.

If he is keen on something it becomes his obsession. Just like wines. I like to observe him buying another bottle of wine, he immediately absorbs all information from a label, he knows when, where in which occasion we tasted that or another wine. With a passion, he writes opinions about wines. It seems that it gives him a lot of pleasure.  I like it.

I think that I am a good companion for him while he discovers another bottle of wine 🙂




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